Star Player of the month

This months star player is Bright Darko.

“My name is Bright Darko. I am 14 years old. I have 7 siblings I am the oldest one among them. I live with my mother and my step father.
I attend school in Kweiman M/A J.H.S . I am in my first year in Junior High school.
I got to know of Donkor Tennis and Education Foundation (DTEF), one Monday when I was carrying bread on my head to my mother at the roadside. On my way I came to pass by the court and I saw some boys playing and I wished to play also. So one Sunday afternoon I finished my house chores early and I left the house and I came to the Court.
That was when I began to learn how to play tennis. At that time I met some of the Coaches who took me through the techniques and gradually I picked up and I can now play a good tennis now.
I now train with Coach Precious Ashinyo. He has really helped me in tennis and also helps me when I need some money for food and some clothes for tennis.
We call him Brother as a form of respect. He is the one who cares for me. Sometimes when I get home I don’t get food to eat, so he has been helping me sometimes. God richly blessed him for us and also bless Isaac Donkor and his Wife for the great opportunity.
I promise to make them proud.”

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