“Donate a can!!!”




People often ask us ‘ How can my money help, what can it buy for the children?”. We have produced a small menu of the things we need the most to show our donors  what thier money can buy and that even $5.00 can make a difference. Isaac Donkor was given one tennis ball when he was 9 years old and that single ball started a love for the game that has taken him where he is today so who knows what that donation can do, no matter how small you think it is!

DTEF Donation menu.

Can of tennis balls – $5.00

T.shirt – $7.00

Towel – $8.00

Baseball cap/ sun hat – $10.00

Sports bag -$15.00

Tenis Shoes – $25.00

Tennis Racket – $50.00

Tennis starter kit for one child ( incl. all the above)  $100.00

Court Bench – $120.00

On court water coolers x4 – $150.00

We are also looking for educational books, computers and school supplies for our students to use upon completion of our classrooms.