Living legend!!

foundation photo 4

Isaac Donkor had the pleasure of meeting this wonderful man!!
Met this living legend at Nyc central park tennis courts. 95 year old relaxing watching tennis, when I walked passed , he called me back to introduce himself. Mr Bob Ryland “I am a legend, he repeated ” Mr Isaac Donkor former Ghana Davis cup player, very nice meeting you. A legendary living hero! He told me he was Athur Ashes’ idol, he told me a story about Mr Ashe saying to him (Bob) “I want to play just like you”. He asked how come all the great African tennis players never made it to the big time? We both agreed that lack of facilities, sponsorship and good coaching played a huge part. I told him about (DTEF ) Donkor tennis and education foundation, trying to help make a difference in African tennis. it was an honor to meet him!

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