September 2012 Newsletter.

In the ongoing effort to continue our Education through Tennis program, we’ve been working hard to make some key changes and improve the basic operations of the Donkor Tennis and Education Foundation. In the future, we hope to work with key tennis organizations, including the U.S. Professional Tennis Registry, in the hope that we can expand our efforts in Zimbabwe and Ghana to other countries in Africa.



Zimbabwe 2012



 We’ve helped to turn dreams into reality. With the support of all of our sponsors, we held two clinics in Zimbabwe. Members of the Board and other volunteers, including myself, Dottie Jones, Jack Jones, Lizzy Bennett, and Scott Treibly, travelled to the site to oversee the activities. The clinic reached out to 100 students from four different schools.


On behalf of the foundation, I’d like to offer my sincere thanks and gratitude to all who helped make these clinics successful.

We’d also like to offer special thanks to our top sponsor, The Malilangwe Trust, operated by Paul and Sonia Jones. Paul joined us as a coach for the day, in addition to providing food and drink for everyone.


Ghana 2012


In October, we’re pushing forward with big plans in Ghana. We’re proud to announce that we will be hosting clinics in Accra, Kumasi, and Takoradi. This isn’t the first time we’ve gone to Ghana, and we’re excited to offer students another chance to play tennis. Some of these students have been waiting for a year for a second chance to pick up a racket and play.


David Miley, a representative of the International Tennis Federation, has expressed interest in our permanent tennis facility in Ghana. We hope that with the help of our sponsors and the ITF, we can offer eager students the ability to play tennis on a weekly-basis, rather than the current yearly program we’re offering.


This year, we’ve made notable expansions to our Ghana clinics. Three of our board members will be travelling to the clinics. Thanks to your support, every child attending our clinic this year will return home with something, whether it is a racket, new shoes, or a t-shirt.


The Ghana Tennis Facility


Completing our Ghana tennis facility is one of our main goals. Right now, we have one completed court with another being prepared for construction. This facility is pivotal for the success of the Donkor Tennis and Education Foundation. Not only will students be able to play tennis, but the center will also serve as a training and education center, where kids will learn about team work, respecting each other, self-motivation, and discipline.


The Future is Now


Since we started the foundation, we’ve helped over 500 kids learn how to play tennis, gain valuable life skills, and acquire a sense of self-satisfaction and worth. Right now, we’re giving over 200 children a year a chance to learn, play, and grow.




Without the support of our generous sponsors, we wouldn’t be able to help kids learn how to play tennis. We wouldn’t be able to acquire the equipment they need, nor would we be able to give them the education that they deserve. We wouldn’t be able to make a big change in their lives and their countries.


Thank you!


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