DTEF November news 2011.


DTEF November News

November 2011 was easily one of the most exciting and successful months in DTEF history! This month we drew in larger crowds than we’ve ever had before at our clinic in Accra, added a new clinic in Kumasi, brought down hundreds of dollars of tennis equipment to even more kids, trained a talented new coaching staff, and made significant progress towards the building of our tennis and education complex in Ghana. With Isaac Donkor flying down to Ghana and spending two full weeks running clinics for the kids and coaching conferences, November has been great for Ghana tennis!

Our First Ever Kumasi Tennis Clinic for Kids Was a Huge Success!

Over the weekend of November 4th and 5th and under the leadership of Isaac Donkor, DTEF ran the first ever tennis clinic for underprivileged children in Kumasi located in the eastern region of Ghana. The two day clinic drew in over 70 enthusiastic kids who came ready to play hard and learn as much as they could. Isaac, along with a team of six other coaches from DTEF spent the two days teaching the kids foundational tennis skills. Boys and girls attended and their parents were invited to stay and watch their children play. Isaac and the coaches taught the kids how to hit forehands, backhands, volleys and how to serve. DTEF provided food and drinks for all of the children and gave out prizes.

Our Accra Tennis Clinic Drew in Record Numbers with GTA’s Support

Our Accra clinic was much larger this time around with over 170 kids attending over two days of fun and tennis. GTA (Ghana Tennis Association) gave us their support this year, which made the event even more of a success. DTEF wants to thank GTA secretary Emmanuel Sagoe for coming out to the Accra clinic and showing so much support.

Just as in Kumasi, DTEF gave out food and drink for each child who attended the Accra tennis clinic. This year, Isaac was able to bring in a team of ten tennis coaches to help him give closer instruction to the kids. With more coaches on hand, it was a lot easier to organize the event and ensure that each child was getting detailed instruction. The children were split up onto separate courts to work with the coaches. Meanwhile, Isaac had the opportunity to move around working with all of the children and giving helpful tips to them and to the coaches.

What’s Up Next for DTEF?

So what’s DTEF got planned for the upcoming months? With our Accra and Kumasi tennis clinics bringing in so many talented and eager participants, DTEF is focused on reaching out to even more potential tennis stars! Our amazing head of fundraising, Dottie Jones, helped us to raise over $65,000 to build three courts and a restroom facility on the property of our tennis and education complex in Ghana. Isaac was excited to meet and discuss construction plans with contractors during this recent trip to Ghana. Construction on the courts has already begun.

How Can I Get Involved?

DTEF wouldn’t be able to create such great opportunities for so many children without the help we receive from all of our wonderful sponsors. The support you give is what enables us to change the lives of our kids. When you support DTEF, you’re making a difference in the lives of hundreds of kids who live in poverty and hardship every day. Not only that, but you’re helping us reach potential athletes. As we continue to advance the cause of tennis in Ghana, more and more young people can benefit from this thrilling sport.

With help from our coaches and our sponsors, we’ve managed to reach a record number of kids this month! DTEF is always looking forward to being able to thank our sponsors for their support and show them just what their support is doing for children in Ghana.

If you’re interested in helping us change the lives of underprivileged children by helping them develop into strong, educated, confident athletes then please show your support by making a donation to DTEF.


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