Christmas fun!!


Our three local coaches Mr George Abban, Mr Joseph Doe, and coach yahya and our new manager Elizabeth Donkor, managed to organize an awesome event for the little ones during the Christmas holidays. This is the first time that an event like that happened while I wasn’t on the ground, very encouraging from our local coaching staff, kids had a blast. We are also planning on running a big junior tournament before this summer, hopefully our locker rooms will be officially ready. We couldn’t have done all of this if it wasn’t for the generosity of some individual sponsors. Please keep on supporting DTEF, we are making a difference and changing lives!!. Thanks

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During one of our clinics in our second week, precious ( in the orange shirt) competed and won a game of “round the world”. Bearing in mind these children come from extreme poverty and have to struggle and fight for everything they have, when Isaac told him he had won a racket his reply was…

Annual Ghana trip 2016

Our tennis clinic was a huge success yesterday. The foundation had over 50 children on court playing games and drills. After a rain delay we couldn’t use the clay courts that had just had fresh lines painted on them because they were too soft so we had only two hard courts to use. We divided…

Line game fun!!!

Ghana trip 2015

  Isaac and Michelle Donkor travelled to Ghana to run the first annual tennis clinc on our own tennis facility. The foundation has worked tirelessly to achieve this and was so happy to finally see balls being hit on our courts. The children arrived early and were enthusiastic to begin playing tennis, which for the…

Donkor Foundation video.

We are exited to be traveling to Ghana to run our clinics, give out hundreds of rackets, shoes and clothing and to help even more children fulfill their potential.  


Our Four courts are now down with the locker room nearing completion. We are extremely grateful to everyone that have helped us to reach our goal. we are so close to completing our facility and would like to thank all our donors and supporters for their generosity!

Summer Tennis.

Summer tennis classes have been continuing through school holidays. despite the florida heat these little tennis stars have come out and played some great tennis. Well done kids!!!

Shipping time.

The foundation is getting ready to ship all of the donated items to Ghana for our clinics in October. After hours of packing and lifting we were finally done!!

Living legend!!

Isaac Donkor had the pleasure of meeting this wonderful man!! Met this living legend at Nyc central park tennis courts. 95 year old relaxing watching tennis, when I walked passed , he called me back to introduce himself. Mr Bob Ryland “I am a legend, he repeated ” Mr Isaac Donkor former Ghana Davis cup…